60 lbs. in 12 months


“I want my damn respect too”



Every human is different right? Not talking backgrounds or hobbies, let’s talk health and bodies. Some of us are born strong. Some of us are born fast. And some of us are born smarter than the strong and the fast. It’s part of what makes each of us so damn lovely in our unique ways. Love your body! Love who you are! Big, small, round or skinny there’s no wrong body and I truly believe that. Just be whoever you’re comfortable being and that’s all that matters. With that said, wellness is never out of reach if you want it. Every fitness level has a starting point.

            If you haven’t noticed I’m a big fan of strong quotes and lyrics. They say so much in so little. Shout out Yoda for his mindblower, “Do or do not, there is no try”. Let that resonate for a minute. Have you ever tried a diet that failed? I have. If you TRY to do something you leave open the possibility of failure. If you DO something you get it done, no exceptions. No thought of failure. Be confident in yourself, know you’ll reach your goal and move onto a bigger one. It doesn’t matter what diet you’re on, one common ingredient is more important than any else: consistency.

            Doesn’t matter if you’re carb cycling, fasting or on Weight Watchers none of these will work without consistency. I’ve been through plenty of fads gaining and losing weight throughout my life. Typically I’d be in great shape when things were going well and coincidentally not as great shape when life turned hard. Fortunately I learned how to stay on the well side of that balance.

            Staying in shape isn’t easy for anyone. It takes work! Nothing worth having comes easy. It’s even more difficult for us living in one of the most overweight countries in the world. Surrounded by the convenience of fast food and constant pressure to consume it, it’s now easier than ever to cheat yourself. Look back at our ancestors man, how humans first lived in a primitive state. Responsible for hunting and gathering for your people, you could even go days on end without eating. Imagine being that man coming home without food. (I’m not saying that’s healthy either but catch my drift, you don’t need the foods we’ve grown accustomed to.) Organic proteins, fruits and veggies have nourished us since day one.

            Everyone is different, I’m highly mindful of that. Some of us are even born into a body that literally spits out foods it doesn’t like! My personal setback over the years was self-inflicted. I was a binge eater. When depressive slumps hit I’d find comfort in food, I know many of us are guilty of that. At home alone and times are rough, we just want what’s easy and boosts that serotonin. For me it was cereal and ice cream, smash em like a Mario bro.

As someone who had been a binge eater over the years I knew what needed to be done to correct it. (Myth buster; fat DOES NOT turn into muscle). I personally, found dropping weight quickly and comfortably through anabolic fasting. People object fasting with, “But I’ll be tired if I don’t eat breakfast!” “How will I have the energy to workout if I don’t eat enough?” To someone uneducated to it, as I used to be, I get it. My knowledge of fasting was the same as my knowledge of women’s organic makeups. Zero. The concept of not eating breakfast ((break-fast)) was bizarre to me. Here I am over a year later and I usually fast at least 15 hours of the day, truly enjoying it. I lost about a pound a week during that grind.

I won’t bore you with the science I find fascinating but if you’re intrigued do some research. It’s one of the quickest ways to shock the body and see results immediately. Maybe you have aches and pains or even arthritis that bothers you and has never diminished via medicine, try fasting. There are actually clinics overseas that correct human deficiencies and even chronic illnesses through nothing more than anabolic fasting. The energy and clarity it provides is unparalleled. 

After my back injury the only exercise I got in for 6-months was walking and yoga. It was around that 6-month mark I was starting to go stir crazy for more. When I first tried grabbing 5-pound dumbbells it deflated any ego I had left. I was stronger when I was 13. Just holding 5-pounds in my hands put pressure on my spine that instantly aggravated the sciatica and nearly dropped me to my knees. I was discouraged but it added fuel to the fire.

As I progressed through those 6-months I gradually began walking more and more. Eventually getting to the point I’d walk three times a day and total out at least 10 miles. Usually hitting at least two of those miles first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. In my experience no timed exercise melts fat off the body like fasted cardio. You don’t have to drive to the gym and kill yourself on the stair climber, just hit a morning stroll and get your heart rate up. It’s building positive progress. I call it my ‘grateful walk’ every morning. Naming at least five things to be grateful for to start the day puts good vibes in motion!

I can look back at it and laugh now but in the time of ego there were always smaller, leaner guys I had it out with. Shorter guys are more compact and look better on camera. Taller guys take up more space and look better in person, hence Arnold. Egos have caused war. There was a guy I thought I was close with who told me “I’d never look like this or that”. Never keep people like that around you. It’s weak of them to sell it and it’s weak of you to buy it. It’s funny how life plays out I’ve got the size and cuts now. I appreciate dude though. He poked the bear.

I’m a big believer in you are the average of the five people you keep around most, we rub off on each other. Surround yourself with positivity and good vibes and watch them compound on each other in your life.

            As my health improved I continued looking for ways to accelerate the process. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you never know you like something until you try it. Now let’s get dirty.

Since our parents were kids there have been studies linking high fat consumption to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even heart disease. We’re learning more as a people now and those studies are factually being debunked and the evidence is turning to be the opposite. Interesting, isn’t it? If you haven’t heard of the Keto diet, it’s based around the consumption of high fats and low carbs. I found it an excellent tool at helping to melt off those areas of fat that are the last to go. They’re often similar for men. For me it was the lower back, stomach and hips. Fasting got rid of the base layer, keto helped me fine tune and bring out real definition. I’ve become a FATHEAD!

I’m actually a freak for butter. For real. Some organic, grass fed cow butter – load me up! More butter on less bread and watch your joint pain fade away like Kobe. I told you I’ve always been a foodie, so I made sure I had a diet I enjoyed to stay committed to it. There are a few things I can’t go without.

Avocados, dark chocolate, fruit and pizza.

I’ve gotta have an avocado daily! I can feel it after a couple days if I don’t. It’s a superfood loaded with nourishment and healthy fats. Learn to love the av. My sweet temptation – dark chocolates. At least three nights a week I’ve gotta have some variation of chocolate, preferably with some sea salt. Or on the girl next door. JK jk …. Lastly, mama mia nothing like an XL thin crust pep when you’re feeling the need to refeed!

Like we visited earlier, certain diets aren’t for everyone. Each person has specific, unique goals. Your diet depends on how you’d like to improve your body. Do you want to gain muscle mass? Lose fat? How have your eating habits been throughout your life? That provides a lot of guidance and direction. “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

I’m excited to share some upcoming news and advancements. If you’ve enjoyed this ride so far please, share with a friend! Help this train get rolling. Instagram @wildcodylife. I’m just getting started.

Next drop – 8/18 – stay tuned. All love!

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