11 Minute Meditation

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

– Buddha

11 minutes to reset your day. That’s what we’re after. On days when things are going wonderful, use it to show appreciation. Continue manifesting those good vibes. And if you’re having one of those rough, Monday kinda days, use it to reset. Take back control of your day and win what remains. This is an 11 minute practice to make sure your day stays rolling at a good vibration.

            First thing, remove yourself. Whatever stressful environment you may or may not be in, leave it. Find yourself in your own space, quiet and dark if possible. It can be an office down the hall, your car on lunch break or the park down the street. Go wherever you feel relaxed.

When you’re ready, set a timer on your phone for 11 minutes. Once you start it immediately tuck your phone away face down and cover it up. You’ll hear the alarm when time is up so place it out of sight out of mind. Block out the energy.

Close your eyes and find yourself in a comfortable position. Seated upright, fetal, lying down or my personal favorite criss cross applesauce. It’s however YOU feel most relaxed.

With calm intentions inhale thru your nose, slow and deep. Fill your lungs as much as you can. Appreciate the fullness you feel in your diaphragm. Appreciate the clean, new energy you brought in. As you begin releasing this air slowly thru your nose or mouth, tell yourself, “I choose to let go of stress.” Focus on that thought as you empty your lungs.

As you breathe back in, think about your posture. If you’re lying down appreciate the support, and the feel of clean energy coursing up your body. If you’re seated, focus on lifting your spine. Chest out, shoulders pulled back feel that posture grow correct as you fill your lungs. Exhale slowly again, “I choose to let go of stress.” Continue repeating this process. Find rhythm. Find yourself in flow.

As your mind wanders back to your day-to-day tasks at hand, as it will, focus. It may even be difficult but just like learning any other skill you will only get better with practice. We’re not focused on work, relationships, or the fool who cut you off in traffic. We’re focused on you. Loving yourself.

Notice how these distractions don’t stay long. They fade away to nothing or a new thought entirely. That’s just your mind talking, trying to distract you. Calm it. Continue paying attention to your breathing until you feel those thoughts roll back off your shoulders. None of them last. Find nothing. You can find everything at nothing.

            As your alarm goes off don’t rush your hand to it. Take a long moment(s) to open your eyes and regain thoughtfulness. Not thoughts of your day and what you removed yourself from, but thoughts of those 11 minutes you just completed. That’s an accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back! If it was your first time I’m sure it wasn’t easy but watch you grow more comfortable with it the second time, and then the tenth. How will you feel as you continue practicing?

            As you ready yourself for the second part of your day feel your restored energy. How you grew lighter. Less stressed. More centered. You’re ready to appreciate whatever in the day remains. Love you all!

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