‘The Homeless Are Evolving’

            New to the world of Reddit I was searching for some opportunities to spread the blog and get in touch with like-minded people. I quickly learned Reddit isn’t a sight for ‘self promotion’ or even a place to seek the slightest bit of support for that matter. I now clearly understand it as more of a home to toddlers than adults. Users are just smart enough to cry when they want something, but not smart enough to stop shitting in their own pants. It’s a hard life.

            In posting the website on pages like ‘Fitness’, ‘Wellness’, and ‘Motivation’ the ugly comments were unleashed! “Why are you even doing this?” “Like, do you even have a purpose in life?” “Did you really just send us to your OnlyFans?” And my personal favorite, “The homeless are evolving!” I lost it when I read that one, I hope you did too lol.

            If you haven’t picked up yet I’ve got a taste for dry and sarcastic humor. When I read ‘the homeless are evolving’ it brought me to tears laughing. I showed a couple buddies and we had a common consensus, this dude is good! I thought hey, this is the perfect opportunity to clear some air. It’s those less fortunate with the ugly comments who need the energy in their life anyways.

            So why would I travel like this? Why evolve the homeless? It’s so simple for me. Liberation. Getting away from the 9-5 monotony of society. Breaking the mold. Being a trailblazer. Doing something I’ve always wanted to do, and that many of my friends share the desire to do as well. I’ve got friends in great places and a great resume. I could have A job in whatever town I’m at by the end of the day and I could have a well paying job in a city of my choice by the end of the week. Same thing applies for a brick and mortar roof over my head. But I’m nowhere near that yet. I’m having the time of my life living out something I always dreamed of doing. Appreciating a new perspective every day and learning more about myself each week. You learn what ‘things’ you really appreciate and can go without. No one influences my daily agenda aside from myself. That’s a rush to wake up to.

            I’ve got the rest of my life to go work and pay bills. I’m living out a once in a lifetime opportunity. Single with no kids, most of my closest brothers have families and can’t feasibly try to do what I’m doing. I don’t take that for granted. I’m not the type to look back 10 years down the road and regret something I did or didn’t do. Never have been. I’m doing what makes me happy.

I was dating a selfish bitch of an ex girlfriend who didn’t support my ambitions and was caught up in first world glamour of handbags, reputation and gossip. It’s beautiful how the universe will guide you if you’ll listen. At my last dinner with her family her dad was throwing shade at ‘hippies’ who live in the back of a car and travel. Thank you, that hit home. I never related well to people living the white picket fence life anyways. In leaving that chapter in life it perfectly transitioned me to my next. After that healthy exodus I said now’s the time. I’m gonna be a ‘hippie’ traveling in my car!

            To my brothers and sisters, if you have a burning call in your soul to do something, DO IT! Life tomorrow isn’t promised. When it’s all said and done, don’t you want to be able to say you chased all your dreams in life? Find out which ones tickled your fancy and which ones didn’t. Some go well. Some burn us. I don’t think you can go wrong following your gut. If you just appreciate the ride you’ll learn more in failures than successes anyways. Don’t be afraid to fail, we all do. Be afraid of not getting back up when you fall, that’s when you lose!

     Love you all, have a blessed weekend!            

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