11 Creeds to Daily Happiness

  1. Always give your best effort. Never sell yourself short, that quality of works drips into other avenues of life. A task isn’t complete until it’s done.
  2. Never give up. Resilience. A decision made that regardless what happens in life you’ll adapt, learn and grow. Get knocked down 9 times stand back up 10.
  3. Be grateful. For every day, for every workout, for every safe sleep, for every visit with someone you care about. Appreciate each moment.
  4. Presence. Be exactly where you are, nowhere else. So much is gained there.
  5. Let it go. Never take things personally. Leave someone else’s frustration in their life, don’t welcome it into yours. People don’t bother you when you don’t take things personally.
  6. Don’t lie. Always speak the truth and always speak what’s on your mind. Nothing positive comes from masked feelings.
  7. Don’t gossip. There can’t be much more unhealthy for the individual and collective society than evil of the tongue. Spread positivity and watch positivity come back to you.
  8. Equanimity. Just breathe. Stay calm in high-pressure situations. Never get too high or too low, all feelings are replaced by another. Don’t attach yourself to the emotions of a moment that will fade away.
  9. Follow your gut. It won’t lead you wrong. You’re being pulled in that direction for a reason. Trust it.
  10. Live with purpose. If you’re not buzzing with energy for the day when you wake up, make adjustments that provide that for you! I promise life is more enjoyable that way. Follow your passions!
  11. Love everyone you see for five minutes. I saved this for last because I believe it’s most vital. Give love, get love! Put others before you and fill your heart with extra exuberance. We’re all connected souls living in the collective dream of the planet. Lift others and watch how you lift yourself!

Far from claiming to have it figured out, but I have figured out these help. If you’re in a rough patch right now screenshot this list and refresh on them in the morning for 7 days and see how the habits help. Love you all!

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