Resilience, in 300 words

Keep pushing the rock up the hill –

I’m no blacksmith, but I understand the basic concept behind forging steel weapons. Submerging the metal under lava hot liquid and then beating it with a hammer into the shape desired. That’s the process behind creating a weapon called a sword. Quite literally the human body hardens and forms into a superior weapon with each difficult strike it absorbs as well.

Resilient: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s one of my favorite adjectives. The best part about it, no matter who you were yesterday or what background you come from you can choose to be resilient starting today. It’s a mental decision that callouses over time and becomes more who you are rather than a mental practice. Humans are extremely resilient, able to adapt to countless unexpected curve balls in life. The most powerful muscle in our body is the brain. Control your mind and you control everything else.

In college football the offseason is everything. How you prepare is how you play. We were a good football team while I played and no doubt part of that success came from our burning passion in the weight room. One day at the end of our lift we had a group finisher. Everyone was to hold out 10lb plates (I can’t remember which it was) in a lateral shoulder hang position. I’d say there were about 40 of us, last man holding the plates wins. It was a matter of resilience, I was the last one holding the plates. I knew I would be as soon as we started, even more so once the final guys faced off staring at each other. Whether you’re lifting weights, running miles, or hopping on a crucial business call complete the process in your mind, first. You’re on autopilot after that.

Be resilient this week. Love y’all!

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