Sleeping in the Desert

What an experience it was. The kind of experience that keeps an uncertain pin drop of fear standing up in the back of your head through its entirety. In the middle of a desert tundra with no other human to be found, this was Walter White land. I just needed the RV and some high quality meth!

It was awesome to feel a desert climate for the first time. At this time of year 80’s during the day and 40’s at night. It’s damn near ideal to me. I’ve grown to appreciate being extremely hot and extremely cold. They make feeling comfortable even more enjoyable. I’m a big fan of shock exposure to heat and cold. Sauna, ice bath, steam room, cold showers in between. There’s an amazing list of benefits from simply callousing the mind, to protein production all the way to anti-aging of the body.

That crisp 40 degrees with a come and go strong breeze cooled me to the core. The day prior I had listened to an Ed Mylett podcast with guest Jason Tebeau discussing the science of wellness and many anti-aging practices. One of my key takeaways was the science-backed evidence of physically magnetizing the body to the earth. Literally barefoot on the ground, charging your personal battery back up. To my understanding the cells in our body separate further from each other the more they are magnetically charged. By separating these cells you’re increasing the oxygen that gets to each of them. Ever wonder why it feels so naturally rich when you walk barefoot in the sand on the beach? It’s that concept. Sit your butt on the earth, do some yoga and tell me you don’t feel better. You’re lying.

If you haven’t picked up already I’m a nature freak. That’s nothing new. After listening to that pod on the drive into the desert I figured I’d make use of the new knowledge that morning. Barefoot, wearing nothing but shorts in that 40 degree dawn I stretched, took my grateful stroll and went on a playful jog with Duke (mindful of avoiding cacti and bone shards J). The blissful concentration I’ve found in the early hours of the morning have grown to be my favorite times of this trip. Watching the sun rise while Duke meanders I am overwhelmed with a blissful clarity and thankfulness for life. Thankfulness for the freedom of this trip. Thankfulness for the beautiful people I’m connecting with. Thankfulness for spirituality. Even thankfulness for the coyotes. There was a pack of them within a couple hundred yards from us I heard through the night and even more constant as the sun came up. Sounded like they were just talking and playing amongst each other, thankful to see the sun again same as I. Or maybe screaming at me and Duke to leave their spot, who knows?

It’s funny after choosing the pull off I did, underneath a constantly low buzzing electric pole, I found some animal corpse and different piles of bones. I started taking pics thinking it was a unique sight to see until I walked a little more and found no less than a dozen more scattered piles of bones. It went from being, “oh cool something ate here” to “oh shit something(s) lives here”. I quickly realized it was a pack’s doing. Either wolves or coyotes. Certainly hoping it was desolate enough in this tundra for it to be the latter of the two. In our 18sh hours spent in that ‘public land’ canyon only one truck passed. A few miles down the gravel road I could see it coming the entire way. That slow 10 minutes I spent pondering best shootout spots if they’re cartel and need me gone. On some The Town shit, “I can’t do anymore time Dougie. So if we get jammed up, we’re holding court in the street.” I’m not going. Lol

I’ve made myself a comfy bed for this journey, fitting perfectly in the whip or the tent, wherever seems more suiting for the night. Able to lay down the seats and clear out the SUV there’s plenty of room for my four legged best friend to curl up next to me. He has his bed and I have mine. On top of foam mattresses curled under wool sheets in 40 or 50 degree weather, I sleep like a stone. Though this was one of those nights when sleeping in the steel tent made more sense than sleeping in the polyester one. We did that.

Thanks for the loving messages and support this past week. You all are amazing. Have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy it, be grateful, and get ready for a new week of crushing goals. We’re all in this thing together! Connect with me, I love the energy. All love!

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