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In today’s age you’re an old ball if you choose that route. Life’s become more about expensive handbags, luxurious vehicles and overpriced homes. I used to be just as guilty of this so I speak from experience.

My first car out of college was a pricey Lexus GS 350, aftermarket rims and blacked out with the wood interior. So clean. Three days after I bought it I was driving at night on the interstate when a semi’s tire burst and flew over in my lane. It ripped the front bumper off and was a cool $1,500 to get replaced. Talk about a welcome party. I’ve said it many times the universe will tell you things if you’ll listen.

My entire trip is about choosing experiences over materialism. I’m more of a quality over quantity guy. I got sick of the glitz and glamour of the world and decided to take off. Why spend money on residential bills when the world is calling your name for exploration anyways. It was about a month ago I made the internal full commitment to completing this cross-country circle. Up until then I’d been afraid of it. In that month I’ve looked at pop-up campers to RVs and everything in between. I was cash in hand about to make the conversion to a full length camper a few weeks ago when something triggered inside and just told me not to do it. MY vehicle is great. Pop-ups that were $5,000 a year ago are now $8,000. Campers that were $10,000 are now $15,000 and so on. Sure it would make this trip more convenient, but is convenience what I’m going after? It’s not.

I want the trip of a lifetime that very few people can say they’ve made. I like being that odd ball, going against the grain. Having a story to tell. It didn’t make sense to me to spend money that could be used 20 times over on experiences and memories that I’ll never forget. I’ll grind and buy whatever nice things I want when this is over. I can sleep just fine in the whip or a tent. It’s almost ranger or seal like in comparison to the military books I’ve enjoyed. Living minimally. Hell, I’ll tell you the only way to make a cross-country trip affordable eating the way I do and feeding the dog I have is if you penny pinch and save a buck here and there. $2s and $3s add up! Gas is $4/gallon on the west coast and all I do is drive and explore!

I’m learning on the fly with each day that goes by. I’m also learning to enjoy it more and have more fun with each day too, that’s the best part. I’m not growing tired, I’m growing eager for more. Keep rolling, keep appreciating, keep pushing the rock up the hill, and keep getting better each day. I think it would do our world some good if people put more energy into enjoying experiences and less into materials.

I know without hesitation whatever career path, workforce opportunity or endeavors I lunge into after this trip I’ll be ready to grab by the balls, no homo. Nothing wrong with being homo, I just swing one way. 🙂

Love you all, go crush your goals this week!

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