Shoutout Two Young Ladies in 1947

This trip has given me opportunities to experience things I knew nothing about. I’ve always been fascinate with ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Learning which treats taste good and which burners are hot to the touch. It’s what I’m after in this trip. Chasing that rush. In the mountains of Colorado I found one of those rushes.

            Allentown is just tucked into the mountains from the town I talked about previously, Estes, Colorado. It’s the area I spent most of my time while I was there. It’s also the expensive tourist town where a jug of water can be $4, depending upon which store you’re willing to battle the other covid city escapers. I drink a gallon a day and so does Duke. $8 a day on water adds up quickly. This gift that was given to me by a cool couple from Texas saved me some cheddar while I was there. They were also doing a cross-country trip, van life like your boy. Ironically enough nearly every one of them I meet is coming from the west, and knows nothing about the east, quite the opposite of myself. It makes for easy, genuine conversation.

            They put me on to this spring that wasn’t even 10 minutes out of my daily routine. It was swiftly added to the routine. There’s a natural water spring with a hose, off/on switch, and donation bin to keep the gift alive. The recommended donation is $.15, quite a drop from the $4 I was paying I gave $.25 each time J. I was certainly grateful for it and I know so are the countless patrons I would see, some travelers, many locals filling up their water sources as well. It would be so cool if there were more of these readily accessible for people. Would save tremendously on the devastating plastic pollution we’re inflicting on the earth.

            The pic you see shows two young ladies in 1947 who I assume are in relation to the founding family, huge props to anyone who made this possible. This is one of those bits of magic that positively impacts so many lives day to day, love it. The water was ice cold and delicious. A local watering hole. Here’s to discovering and sharing more of those gems on this trip.

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