Discomfort; A Helpful Friend

Forcing ourselves through uncomfortable situations is how we grow. Not into them, but through them. Big difference. Getting used to things that suck makes them suck a little less. It also makes comfortable moments that much more comfortable. I have a deep appreciation for that.

Discomfort is where shock therapy started for me. I’ve been doing daily cold showers since my back injury last year. Stepping into cold water first thing in the morning is a great way to wake the senses. You’re also starting the day in an uncomfortable position so it’s only up from here. Few people would choose hopping into cold water over climbing out of a warm bed but it puts the daily go-getting wheels in motion. Dive into it and watch how you come out stronger on the other side. For me that morning discomfort allows you to rejoin your day alert, sharp minded and well prepared to handle any speed bumps that might pop up on the road. You’ll keep your chill.

Over the past year I’ve graduated from just cold showers to cold plunges/ice baths when possible and steam room/sauna sessions as regularly as I can. There are many physical benefits to this list of activities. I call it chubby man’s cardio (I’m allowed to I used to be a chubs). If you sit in there long enough your heart rate gets so high your body takes it that same as cardio. It’s a great way of getting low impact calorie burn. I go more so for the mental aspect though. Callousing the mind. Trying to grow calmer with each session. Making difficult tasks easier by the day. Since I’ve been on the road I take my cold showers at the gym but I’ve been quite consistent with plunging in the snow fed rivers of the Colorado mountains and springs of Utah when Duke and I are out hiking near daily. I sit long enough until the cold sensation is gone and I’m just there, in it. Comfortably watching each bubble floating down the river. It’s not as cold as a true ice bath, but the current’s natural circulation and energy feels spiritual to me.

With more reps you’ll find yourself in better control of your breathing, heart rate and especially your energy level after. I come out of each session so rejuvenated I often call it round two for the day. A steam and cold shower after working out does wonders for recovery. Just be sure you’re drinking adamant water early in the day. If I know I’m exhausting myself at night in the steam room I’ll be sure to get my water in prior to so that afterwards I’m not thirsty and gulping water. Keeps you from waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Don’t mess with those delta waves get your deep sleep.

‘Welcome old friend’ are the words that run through my head every time I step into any of these. Discomfort and I have been through a lot together. It isn’t so uncomfortable for me anymore. I know it just is. It’s temporary. Forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations without consequences also helps you apply that growing habit to the more serious of circumstances. Let’s say for instance it’s calling a prospective client who’s more successful and has more money than the typical client you work with. It’s intimidating. It might go south. You may look silly. You won’t close the deal. These are all thoughts of fear and discomfort that only hold you back. So what if you don’t close it, I bet you’ll learn from the process and be better equipped for the next client with big money. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott. J

I’m weird. I like pain. I grew accustomed to it. I damn near need it to feel alive. It’s the grind I’m stucc in right now. It’s everything to me. Dive into discomfort. New challenges. New goals. New capabilities. Find out who you are in front of adversity and you’ll feel a growing fire of confidence inside you. Carry that fire proudly! All love!

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